Lazy Mom Hacks

There are all sorts of great hacks on the internet. You can learn how to color code your kids drawers and organize your panty to perfection. Unfortunately I’m not a very Pinterest-y mom so I came up with a few lazy mom hacks!

Amazon Buttons

If you don’t have these yet, get them! It’s the ultimate mom hack because it’s so simple. Literally as simple as pushing a button. Amazon Dash Buttons are Wi-Fi connected devices that reorder everyday essentials with the press of a button. You can order things you need as soon as you realize you are getting low, which is critical because I forget to buy items my kids actually NEED when I’m in Target and only get them cute new outfits. You just press your Amazon Dash Button to automatically reorder an item at the same low prices you find sold by Amazon online and with free Prime shipping.
Set up is super simple as well. Using the Amazon app, you connect your Dash Button to your Wi-Fi network, select which product you want the Amazon Dash Button to reorder, and place your first order!


Make Someone Do Your Grocery Shopping

Save your sanity and make someone else do the work! Online grocery shopping is the best invention. I usually do it at 3 AM while nursing and pick up my groceries at 10 AM that morning. Since I’m in Colorado I use ClickList from King Soopers but I know places like Walmart or local grocery stores offer pick-up services depending on where you are located. You can also use Amazon Prime Pantry to get groceries delivered right to your door. They currently aren’t delivering to my location but I have heard amazing things about it!  Not only does this save me time and money (because I’m not doing my usual impulse buying), but it saves my sanity because I don’t have to try and grocery shop with two babes!

There are also great places like Hello Fresh, Freshly, and Blue Apron that offer home meal delivery services so you don’t have to go to the grocery store at all! Freshly is my current favorite as they tailor to every diet. They offer high protein, paleo, under 500 calories, low carb and vegetarian to name a few. The best part of Freshly is a chef cooks everything for you before shipping! This saves me at least an hour that I would normally have to spend shopping, chopping, cooking, and cleaning. You can use the code “dlvr639”, which gives first-time users $20 off their 6 meal plan. You can read more about it here.


Make a Menu

This is the mom hack I need to work on the most! Making a weekly food menu and making shopping list that you’ll need to create this menu is key as a mom in my opinion. Making an easy, healthy menu for the week keeps me on schedule, accountable, and gives me a clear food mind; aka not calling my husband every afternoon asking “what do you want for dinner?” I try to keep it in a location where everyone can see it so there are no surprises!

Pouches are Life Savers

I wish I was a mom who had the time, dedication, patience, and most importantly energy to make my kids baby food. (If you do this, please teach me your ways! You’re superwoman!) I do, however, make it a priority that Paisley gets her daily fruits and veggies. I mostly do this through Organic pouches. Although they can be a little on the pricey side, I’ve wasted more money on organic whole veggies that she refuses to eat! I give her a pouch almost daily when we are running errands (AKA walking through Target or the mall aimlessly). We typically buy these in bulk from Target and Costco.


White Lies Never Hurt Anyone

Lie to your toddler; lie through your teeth….at least when it comes to sneaking veggies in their favorite foods! I always add riced cauliflower and riced broccoli to Paisley’s favorite food: quesadillas and mac and cheese. She rarely even notices and if she asks, I just pretend she’s crazy. I also add peas to her cottage cheese, corn in her scrambled eggs in the morning and always offer her veggies at every meal.


Keep Your Crappy Mail

Seriously, keep your crap mail! Grocery store ads, furniture magazines, lawn service post cards, etc. I can’t tell you how entertained Paisley is when we get our daily mail. If you plan on throwing it away, try and give it to your toddler first. It is exciting for a toddler to get his/her own “mail” and can be surprisingly educational. We will go through an entire grocery store coupon ad and say each of the items on the sheet, color of the food she sees, as well as count the items themselves. When she’s done she’ll tear it to shreds and no one is upset!

Emergency Car Kid Kit

No, I am not talking about a First Aid kit in case your toddler falls and scraps her elbow…although now that I think about it, I should probably add that to the list of to-do’s! I am talking about a Kid Kit…diapers, wipes, snacks, etc. This is a great tip I learned from one of my best mom friends. I can’t tell you how many times I think I have everything I need in my diaper bag, to discovery I only have my favorite lip gloss, Kombucha, and an empty Gold Fish snack bag. As Paisley is screaming in the back for a snack I had absolutely nothing to give her…until I made my Kid Kit. I have a few extra diapers for both kids, wipes, pouches and other snacks, books, burp clothes, extra clothes, a blanket, and empty grocery bags to put those stinky road trip diapers in!


These are a few of my favorite lazy hacks to make mommin’ a little easier in the beautiful chaos of parenthood.

Please share your mom hacks!



One thought on “Lazy Mom Hacks

  1. Love the kid kit, add to it a change of shirt for Mom, as for me it was always needing something after the urpy kid was done and I was wet! Love your blog and great ideas, well presented and the “little kid” who is the model 🙂 is just adorable beyond words! GGNana


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