DockATot Grand Review

I am so excited to tell you all about the DockATot Grand! Since my babies are in the 90+% in height, I thought they would never have the luxury of lounging or napping in a DockATot, as they grew out of the recommended size limit before 4 months of age. Then along came the DockATot Grand! The Grand is recommended for babies 9 months to 36 months while the Deluxe+ is recommended for babies from newborn to 8 months of age.


The DockATot was always on my baby list with Paisley but was an item we never pulled the trigger on. As she got older, I figured she didn’t need it because she transitioned to her crib with minimal issues and rarely needed a sleep aid. I am kicking myself now because we use it all of the time!

Paisley loves to carry hers from room to room, reading books, snuggling her stuffed animals, and will even take the occasional nap in it! If you know Paisley, you know this is a big feat as she only naps in her crib 99% of the time. She insists on eating her morning snack in her Grand, so it’s perfect that the casing is washable and easy to spot clean if any spills happen!

It is almost time to have Paisley sleep in a “big girl bed” and the DockATot Grand will make her feel comfortable with this transition. Introducing the Grand now as a cozy place to lounge, daytime nap, and have story time will make everyone feel at ease when positioning it in her big girl bed. It’s her safe place that she already enjoys around the house so transitioning should be a breeze (fingers crossed)! Also, the sides of the Grand will give her a snug sense of security in her bigger bed.



Although Jack is no longer a newborn, The DockATot has been a game changer! It is an ideal spot to have his daily tummy time. Since he has such a large head (gets it from his daddy!), we need all the help we can get in the neck strength department.

He also is rolling around like crazy so if I need him to stay in one place for a while, I put him in his Grand. He can still play and keep himself occupied but doesn’t barrel roll around the living room which makes mom’s life a lot easier!

The DockATot Grand has became our favorite cuddle spot (I may or may not lay in it and nap myself when the kids are down). It is so cozy and I feel comfortable letting the kids play by themselves while I grab a warm cup of coffee. The DockATot was tested for breathability and is OEKO-TEX certified, meaning the material has been tested and approved. The material is all natural and 100% cotton making it super soft.

IMG_3874 2

One of my favorite features of the DockATot is the portability! We have a handful of trips coming up this summer and the DockATot allows our kids to sleep anywhere and everywhere–airplanes, hotels, grandparents’ house–you name it!

I don’t know how we made it through two babies without the DockATot! I will 100% be getting the DockATot Deluxe+ when baby #3 comes. (Everyone relax-it’s not happening anytime soon…I think)

We got the Grand in white, but there are so many great colors and patterns. You can shop the DockATot Grand here!


*We were so graciously gifted our DockATot Grands, but all words are my own.





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