Happy 2nd Birthday Paisley Rae

Today is emotional.  My little (not so little) 1st born baby has turned TWO, and it’s bringing a wave of emotions to the table. If you know Paisley, you know that she is an old soul stuck in a toddler’s body. She is incredibly sweet, emotional, wise beyond her years, so damn intelligent, with just the right amount of sass. It truly does feel like yesterday that I was bracing myself in Ty’s arms, riding the waves of contractions and begging my unborn baby girl to make her way into the world (before I threw up from the pain one more time).

The bond that I have with Paisley is really hard for me to describe.  I’m sure a lot of you  other moms know exactly what I’m talking about. When Paisley was born, I didn’t initially cry. Not because I wasn’t overjoyed or full of emotion, but because when she was placed on my chest, I immediately was at ease and she felt so familiar. In the days after birth, I would sit and stare at her, almost all day long. A part of that was first time parent jitters, but it was mostly because I couldn’t get over how we created such a perfect gift (and how much she looked like her daddy!). Within days I could get a sense of who she was and what her personality would become. When she was a week old it all hit me like a ton of bricks. The tears I didn’t shed at the hospital came streaming down when I looked into her baby blues and knew that this special little girl will go on to do great things in her life.


I still feel this way every moment that I’m with P.  I learn more from her daily than I knew was possible. Her spark inspires me in ways that I will always be indebted to her for. She’s better than me– much better, in every way. She’s funnier, smarter, prettier, kinder, more intuitive, and braver (but still has mama’s clumsiness). Most days I can’t believe that Ty and I created this human being who seems to be the best parts of both of us. I’m so, so proud of her. I never thought that this is what parenting would feel like. Of course there are MANY moments of frustration and learning, but those moments I would do all over again if I could hold her 6 lb 15 oz newborn self one more time.

The little peanut who made me a mother; who taught me what love at first sight was. The girl who will read you the dictionary but can’t kick a ball straight. (She better step it up if she wants that D1 scholarship!) The 2 year old stand up comedian; if you’ve met Paisley I guarantee she’s made you laugh. The babe who tells her brother she loves him before he goes down for every. single. nap.

I am proud to watch her grow into such an amazing person…and I am lucky that she helps me grow too.

We love our baby girl more than words.

Happy 2nd Birthday!





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