$20 Fall Centerpiece

IMG_6755-5October is TOMORROW and the cooler Colorado weather has been given me all the fall vibes! I’ve been searching for the perfect autumn decor and I thought this year I would take matters into my own hands on a few pieces around our home.

I feel silly writing this tutorial because it’s extremely easy, but I know you’ll love it as much as I do so I wanted to document it! Here are a few steps on how to make this centerpiece at home, with pumpkins and greens/flowers I found at the local grocery store.  The pieces themselves were under $20 and I found the basket in our crawlspace.  You can also use a basket, a wooden box, or even a cute decorative bowl laying around the house. Get creative with what you already have in your home, chances are you can repurpose something.


Here’s what you need: 

  1. Greens: I used silver dollar eucalyptus in various colors because they keep their shape and don’t shed, plus they’re fairly cheap…and they smell amazing!
  2. Pumpkins: White, orange, or a variety. Try and get a few different sizes
  3. A Container: Get creative with what you have at home
  4. Flowers or Dried Ornamental Corn:  I had flowers that were 2 weeks old and I was about to throw them away. Since they were holding their form nicely, I put them in the basket instead to add color! As soon as they start to shed I’ll remove and replace with other flowers, wheat, or corn.

To make:

  1. Fill the container with greens, you may have to trim some for them to fit. I like to leave some pieces hanging out for variety.


2. Place your pumpkins as you like.


3. Place dried flowers (or dried corn-I will be doing that in November) and you’re done!



Get creative and make it your own. Try different colors and textures that work with your style!

Your little basket or box should last you through the fall season, if a pumpkin starts to look mushy simply toss it and replace…or don’t replace and just keep going.  They’re cute on the table or mantle alike.




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