Simple Ways to Decorate for Fall

I’m like every other basic girl when it comes to fall! I am the ring leader of leggings, boots, oversized sweaters, and PSL’s. If there is one thing I am trying to get better about, it is decorating our home for all seasons! Since fall is my favorite I thought I would share some fun and affordable ways to update your home for the upcoming months.

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If I could have a Pottery Barn rep come into my house every holiday and decorate, trust me, I would! But since my husband would kill me and I want our home to be unique, I like to follow a few simple rules that can work with any budget!

  1. Pumpkins: You see them at Target, the grocery store, and I know all you basic moms are headed to the pumpkin patch with your kids. They are inexpensive and can make a big decor impact in the smallest ways. Real or fake you can’t go wrong!
  2. Muted pillows and throws: I always have a few neutral pillows on our couches and bed, that way I can complient fun patterns, colors, and textures, depending on the season. My advice for fall is go with mostly muted tones, textures, faux fur, and big cozy knit blankets!
  3. If nothing else, make your home SMELL like fall! Changing the scent of your home will immediately bring all the autumn nostalgia that you ask for! There are so many affordable options for candles, soaps, lotions, etc. If you don’t want to change your decorations, get in the spirit by making your home smell like you just baked a pumpkin pie or cinnamon rolls.
  4. Flowers: I know some people feel like they are a waste of money (hmm mmm-my husband) but they make our home feel welcoming and can fill up space that you feel is lacking decor! I don’t go too elaborate either but it totally depends on your style. I usually go for brown and fall tones in my flowers too. I typically buy fake ones for our sitting room that will last through Thanksgiving. I am obsessed with buying mums and bright colored flowers for the outside of our home! I bought our porch flowers at our local nursery but I have seen them at Costco and all our grocery stores.
  5. DIY Decor: I am a terrible DIYer but there are a ton of great Pinterest tutorials to decorate your own yourself! I have been obsessed with my new centerpiece that was less than $20 to make and will last me all fall. You can read that post here.



            Pillows & Throws:


           Faux Flowers:


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