Baby-1 Year Old Gift Guide

One thing I am going to do this Christmas is be more calculated with the toys we buy our kids. We have had many one and done toys in the past (typically these are the battery operated) and I am wanting to find toys that can grow with the kids as they get older!

I saw an amazing post about buying kids Christmas toys this season and one paragraph really resonated with me: Buy something they want, something they need, something they wear, and something they read! You don’t need to own EVERY toy on the market to have a child who will play well independently, but you do need to own the right toys to help make that happen.

Here is a few of my favorites, which are all gender neutral!

Hape Pound & Tap Bench: 

This has always been one of our favorite toys. Great for working on hand eye coordination, playing music, and reciting colors. Jack plays with his all of the time!


Shape Sorter Toy:

Shape sorter toys are fun and educational. They teach sorting skills, color and shape recognition, and helps children develop and hone fine motor skills. It encourages problem-solving and builds hand-eye coordination.


Wooden Parking Garage:

Love this toy; we get the opportunity to work on colors, numbers, sorting and stacking all while playing! A must if you have a busy body baby!



Ramp Toys:

I’m a big fan of vehicles for all kids; cars and trucks have no gender. One-year-olds love cars and trucks so make sure to get them a few big ones. This ramp toy is perfect for little hands!


Little People Farm:

My kids are obsessed with anything animal related. It typically is some of the first sounds and words the kids learn. This one is great for education and even play a few farm songs!


Stackable Toys: 

Stacking and nesting toys are another classic that you can’t go wrong with getting your babe! I still enjoy playing with these, even in my 30s.


Big Knob Puzzles:

Puzzles are like books , you can’t have too many. The limit does not exist. Getting kids started on puzzles early on is a great gift to give. Puzzles promote problem solving and spatial awareness something fierce.



Such simple toys to have, but it’s perfect for imaginary play. A set of animals are so much fun and invite so many play opportunities. It’s an ageless toy too, kids will be playing with these same animals for years!



You can not go wrong with any type of balls. They will get used for the rest of eternity and if you’re a big sports house like we are, we love to have anything that assists in an athletic scholarship.


Push Toys:

Even simple ones can have years of life in them and can be used in so many games! I like this one because it’s not noisy.



Happy shopping!!





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