Toddler Girls: Capsule Spring Wardrobe

Alright, see ya winter, spring has officially arrived! We are definitely itching for some warmer weather in CO! I love seeing new toddler clothes hit the (virtual) shelves. Why is dressing toddlers so much more fun than dressing myself? It always feels like a treat to be able to pick out some new favorite things each season! thought I’d share some of my favorite recent spring-y finds for Paisley! When picking out clothes for your toddler (or yourself really) see how it can be used as a capsule piece. Meaning how can it be integrated into your wardrobe more than just a few uses. I love choosing solid colors and neutrals that can be made into a ton of different outfits!  Happy shopping 🙂 


  1. Yellow Raincoat  2. T-Shirts  3. Sweatshirt 4. Rib-knit Cardigan 5. Jeans 6. Puff Shorts 7. Cotton Bibs 8. Jean Dress 9. Gray Bib Dress  10. Rain Boots 11. Leather Sandals  12. Nikes

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